OPINION: Doesn’t 14,115 guns seem over the top?

ON April 28 it will be the 20th anniversary of the Port Arthur massacre.

Martin Bryant's rampage that day changed Australian society forever.

Thirty-five people were killed and 23 others were wounded.

It remains one of the worst killings by a lone gunman anywhere in the world.

The shootings prompted a huge tide of change around the country as then Prime Minister John Howard and his government instigated tougher new gun laws and a buyback scheme.

And yet there are still a huge number of weapons out there in our communities.

Our front page story yesterday revealed there is an incredible 14,115 guns registered in our five local government areas.

One Casino gun owner has 88 firearms registered in his name.

I'm sure most gun owners are law abiding and very sane citizens, otherwise they wouldn't be granted licences for all these weapons.

As we live in a rural area there are also likely to be very legitimate reasons for farmers to own some guns.

But 14,115 guns in our region seems excessive.

And remember, that is legally registered guns. I'd hate to think how many illegal weapons are out there.

I for one, would feel safer knowing there would be a lot less than 14,115 guns in my community.

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