Opinion: Briggs should have a re-think

ON the website of embattled Mayo MP Jamie Briggs' website he is still listed as the Minister for Cities and the Built Environment.

He may wanna change that.

I don't see him returning to the Turnbull Ministry anytime soon.

His antics in a Hong Kong bar last year have been well documented including the "piercing" eyes comment about a female public servant and the unwanted peck on the cheek.

That images of this public servant have now been circulated to the media probably deserves a police investigation and some other heads to roll.

I absolutely agree with PM Malcolm Turnbull when he says this type of exposure is going stop other women from speaking out on the subject of harassment.

Mr Briggs has not posted a comment on his official FB site since December 23 and that was to wish everyone a merry Christmas.

It accompanies an image of his wife and children, alongside some sobering advice from constituents.

"Why would you hit on another woman when you have a truly beautiful wife, I feel for her. Jamie, first in a drunken state you tackle Tony at his party, then this drunken incident, probably many more we are not aware of," one person commented.

And there was this from another: "How lucky you are to have such a beautiful family. And how pathetic of you to show them such complete disrespect and disregard in your actions. I certainly hope you get some help for your drinking. It seems you can't function like a grown up when you've had a few drinks. Do us all a favour and resign as MP".

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