Opinion: Blessed are those, blessed are we

HERE is my take on a few things this year, although I did get the idea from an LNP person on the net.

So here goes:

1) Blessed are those that have to update their birth certificates as they take nearly 15 days to arrive even when you pay for extra for a fast arrival of said certificate.

Must or more than likely been slashed in the staff department from the NSW government for money purposes.

2) Blessed are those that vote for the LNP because he cometh with money in the sack from the Federal Govt to share his wealth, although not from the ALP voters or the Independents. Ho, Ho, Ho,

3) Blessed are those that have to employ workers on the weekend with very short memories, for they are open by choice and they received this money when they were young and lived on this bonus each week and were so thankful for it.

There are big employers around here whom have changed the working rosters of people whom don't even want to work weekends but if they don't, they won't have a job. Bah Humbug to these employers.

4) Blessed are those that support and encourage indigenous students and then either assist them to go to university or give them work with training packages involved. Big cheers here from me.

5) Blessed are those dinosaurs that think that coal is the way of the future. Thanks to those that oppose our great land being given away to the world's richest or our greediest. Bah Humbug big time.

6) Blessed are those that the thought Mike Baird was going to be good for NSW and have since gone, how much is he going to sell or privatise before there is nothing left. Big schools when the communities don't want it, selling electricity and promising no jobs will be lost, my bad, as the kids say now, when will we hear this from him.

NSW Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong are not the only cities and towns in NSW and our councils can't pull money out of our backsides continually as we don't have them that big.

Give our councils more money so our rates are affordable and water isn't at gold prices.

We in the country are sick of seeing the garish splash of money being spent.

7) Blessed is Dr Aldo Castagna for being the most amazing doctor (he is our family Dr for 37 years) and doesn't get the kudos he so deserves.

Along with that he has had over the years and at this time the most amazing staff.

They have and are all very kind, patient, understanding and caring people. Big kudos to them as well.

8) And finally, to all those that volunteer their time during the year day in and day out, the kudos to them is they are the souls of our communities.

9) Finally again to the Northern Star for giving us an avenue to vent, applaud, appease, and whinge a space to write what we think is important to us and their readers.

Along with the occasional laugh, I wish you all a happy, healthy, 2016 with more of the opinion from the area we call God's own.

Kay Hughes

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