OPINION: Bees kill more people than sharks

THE shark attack at Broken Head yesterday sent Twitter into a frenzy and at one point it was the third top trending topic.

The media spotlight on the North Coast is intense as television crews trip over themselves to get images of victims limping from hospital.

I decided to read a few of the posts on Twitter just to gauge how others may be viewing this unprecedented spate of shark encounters in our area.

I came across a post from Bill Gates (I assume it is THE Bill Gates) which helped me put these attacks into some sort of perspective.

It was suggesting our fear of being killed by a shark may be way out of proportion with the actual likelihood of it happening.

In 2015 there were only six deaths attributed to shark attacks which was way behind death by jellyfish (40) and bees (60).

Even tapweworms (1,600) accounted for more deaths than sharks and freshwater snails (4,400) were streets ahead of sharks.

The top three deadliest animals for 2015 were mosquitoes (830,000), humans (580,000) and snakes (60,000).

So our irrational fear of being taken by a shark really isn't backed up by the statistics.

You don't generally hear anyone advocating for the culling of bees, drumlines for jellyfish or drone patrols for snakes now do you?

Whether the fear is irrational or not it is very palpable right now for many in our community.

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