Open House to acrobatics

There's a whole new meaning to a house of fun next week and performer Bronte Webster has a lot to do with it.

Webster and her partner Gareth Bjaaland have been performing together on the Northern Rivers as The Pitts for years.

With the addition of their six-year-old son Gwyn Bjaaland they're set to raise the roof at a mystery location in Lismore as part of Open House.

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Webster has been performing since she was nine years old as part of Mullumbimby's Spaghetti Circus in primary school.

She later met her now partner Gareth while auditioning for Circus Monoxide; a year on they decided to do their own thing and haven't stopped since.

Webster is proud to say she has never had a day job.

"It can be a bit challenging," she says. "But the thing I like most about the circus is the sense of family all around Australia.

"Everyone is always so welcoming. Plus, I get to work with my family and we can all travel together."

In Open House, the brain-child of Norpa artistic director Julian Louis, Webster works with her family as well as live musicians Shenton Gregory andCameron Ford.

It all came about a few years ago after Louis watched Webster and Bjaaland perform at The Winsome, where they were able to perform acrobatics within small areas, at one point opening the ceiling hatch to allow Webster into the roof.

A couple of collaborations between The Pitts and Norpa later, Open House, under the direction of renowned clown and street performer Fraser Hooper, sees the circus-loving family performing within a mystery house in Lismore.

Webster remains tight-lipped on what exactly will happen in the house but it will include elements of circus, clowning, theatre and acrobatics.

Gwyn, Webster says, doesn't know anything different to the circus life.

"He just loves causing havoc I think," Webster says. "I think he really likes having time off school to do rehearsals though."

Be ready to have everything you know about theatre tipped on its head.

Open House is on at a secret location (bus pick-up from Lismore City Hall at 7.30pm) Thursday, November 24 to Sunday, November 27 at 8pm.

Tickets $30/25/17 from or at the box office on 1300 066 772.

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