One thing you didn't know about cockroaches


We're not talking about State of Origin footy where cockies are streets behind the Bananabender cane toads.

The speed of the real cockroach - the one that hides out in dark places, not on footy fields - is something to see when it gets a whiff of a female.

The male cockroach at such times becomes the Usain Bolt of the insect world.

Householders are keener on getting rid of cockies than hanging Olympic medals around their neck for being pretty quick off the mark.

They find that once they get into a house they have as much trouble getting them out as they do with a freeloading relative.

Scientists, seeking ways of ending their stay (the cockies not the freeloading relatives), have had success with a sticky trap baited with a synthetic pheromone that duplicates the odour secreted by the female cockroach.

When they did this, they were almost trampled underfoot in the stampede.

Said one scientist: "One whiff of the pheromone and healthy male cockroaches have been timed at covering eight metres in five seconds."

Mightn't beat Usain Bolt, but it shows how toey the cockie is when he has romance in mind.

Must be disappointing when all he gets for his trouble is being stuck to a heap of fly paper.

Cockroaches are said to be one of the oldest life forms on earth so you'd think they'd have learnt not to be so cockie (must be where the saying came from).

And since the female cockroach far outstrips the bunny in the breeding race - she produces as many as 16 offspring every five days - she should be thinking of turning off the pheromone tap more often.

Fathering such a brood ought to raise doubts in the male cockie's mind whether it's worth it.

If he thought about taking on the responsibility of 16 new-born in the family every working week, he wouldn't be so keen on rushing after a smell.

Ever since Eve went into the fruit-picking business, the girls have used more than an apple to tempt human males.

It is a better outcome than fly paper.

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