'One punch can kill' defence used in stabbing deaths

ONE punch can kill.

It's a message drummed into adolescent boys in light of too many senseless young deaths at house parties, nightclubs and street corners.

It is also the point Zachary Michael Moloney's lawyer is highlighting to explain how his client may have felt threatened enough during a fist fight to pull out a knife.

"One punch can kill," defence barrister Dennis Lynch told a jury in the Supreme Court on Monday.

"You don't need me to tell you that it's a public education campaign in this state.

"That public education program is deliberately targeted at young men in our community."

Mr Moloney and friend Luke Michael Jackson are on trial after pleading not guilty to murder.

The Ipswich pair are accused of the stabbing deaths of Gladstone man Brandon Matthews, 18, and Brad Girling, 22, in North Ipswich in January, 2012.

Mr Lynch argued, in his closing submission on Monday, that a reasonable apprehension of death or grievous bodily harm could have attributed to Mr Moloney acting in self-defence.

The court heard law allowed for someone to be criminally responsible if they aided a person in unlawfully killing.

Crown prosecutor Todd Fuller told the jury Mr Jackson knew Mr Moloney had a knife.

He also submitted Mr Jackson knew what might happen when he went to Hill St on January 7, 2012.

"He was helping his mate," Mr Fuller said.

"He was aiding him in what was occurring."

The trial has heard Mr Jackson contacted Mr Moloney's former girlfriend to borrow money.

The former girlfriend was at a party with Mr Matthews and Mr Girling, who disapproved of her lending money.

When Mr Jackson and Mr Moloney arrived at Hill St to collect the money from the former girlfriend, they were involved in a fight with Mr Matthews and Mr Girling.

The trial continues.

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