Where did the name Amy Meredith come from?

It was a combination of two girls names. i was seeing a girl called Amy And joel was dating Merdedith. they were BFF's so when me and joel started spending too much time together our relationships suffered and we broke up. so as a tribute and kind of a joke at the time we named it after them . now we are stuck with it ;)

How did the four of you meet? Are you all "Shire people?"

Four of us are ... I went to school with Joel, he was in the grade below. we always talked about being in a band together. Wade and joel lived next door to each other and used to play in a punk band together, And cam was a friend of a friend who could sing and play guitar. in the shire everyone knows everyone haha. we stole Kosta from toowoomba.

You had a bumpy ride to being with, signing with Tsubi/Ksubi but leaving after releasing just one EP. What motivated you to persist with the band?

We had all the major and independent labels trying to sign us at the time, signing to Ksubi was us taking a slight risk on something different, we got to go to LA and Japan to show case for some pretty big labels so it was great. but i guess when they couldnt afford it it became a problem. It was either give up and go back to our lame shit jobs or continue doing what we love, get beter at it, work our asses off and achieve what we knew we could...

The four of you have had some pretty interesting days jobs before you were signed to Sony Music in 2009. What was the worst?

Kosta worked at a butcher and an IGA, joel delivered Lounges, and i used to make Coffees .

Do you know how many gigs you played between leaving Tsubi/Ksubi and finally being noticed by A&R from Sony Music?

Well Sony was one of the many labels trying to sign us in 07, So after the ksubi thing fell through, we just toured our asses of and wrote a hell of alot of songs. we probably played 100 shows or more i would say.

What was it like cutting your first album with Rob Connolly (think Aerosmith, OutKast, Silverchair) as producer?

Rob was great, we have become great friends and totally understood our band and what we wanted to achieve so it really worked well.

Describe your debut album Restless in 25 words or less?

It's adventure. It's fun, honest, youthful and at times will play with your emotions.

How would you describe your sound?

It is very much influenced by New wave, or 80's post punk but with a modern spin or pop and rock. i guess it's impossible to pigeon hole our sound but we pay homage to our influences but throw our own bit of magic on top...

Who are your biggest influences?

There are literally too many to name, we all listen to absolutely everything, and i guess that allowed us to explore such a diverse range of sounds for the record, we don't really sit in one sound scope. Bands like Phoenix, the shins, The Strokes, The cure, Depeche Mode, Metric, Oasis, are a few.

What has been the highlight so far?

Too many to really pick one. New York was incredible!

You are quoted in a presser as being "super ambitious guys". Where would you like to be in 10 years time?

This is accurate, i am extremely ambitious, i guess i don't wanna look to far ahead, i just know what i want to accomplish right now and in the near future. That is establishing a solid fan base, breaking open Australia, jumping on some festivals local and international and then hoping on a plane and doing it all over again all around the world!!!

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