'One Hundred Year Old Who Climbed Out the Window' book review

BOOK: The One Hundred Year Old Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared
AUTHOR:  Jonas Jonasson
PUBLISHER: Allen & Unwin Aust
RRP: $29.99


WHAT a refreshingly comical tale of a different sort!

It begins with Allan Karlsson, an elderly (the title may just give this away) man who is waiting for his 100th birthday celebrations.

Turns out he isn't so keen on celebrating the milestone and before he can be collected for his party, Allan disappears out the window wearing only his slippers.

So begins his unlikely journey which includes a suitcase full of money, a hotdog stand owner, an elephant and a few deaths along the way.

Without a concrete plan as to where to go, Allan ends up at the bus station where he is asked to mind a suitcase.

He decides to instead take it with him, not realising it contains $50 million crowns (upwards of $7.5 million).

This decision means he is now hunted by a criminal gang to which the large sum of money belongs.

As his tale of escape unfolds so does Allan's past adventures, and what a life it is.

Author Jonas Jonasson has cleverly written Allan's part into many key historical events, including interactions with Richard Nixon, Chairman Mao and a close friendship with Albert Einstein's brother.

Despite the unlikeliness of both the escape and Allan's past journeys, it all seems completely plausible.

I found this a charming story from beginning to end.

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