Compost at Lismore City Council
Compost at Lismore City Council Marc Stapelberg

ON SALE: Save money and your garden with cheap compost

THE price of organic compost from Lismore City Council has been cut by more than 25% until the end of the financial year.

The cost for a cubic metre - roughly a trailer load of compost - is now $25, and this price will remain in place until June 30.

"Many people will want to start planting their winter gardens and we have loads of beautiful compost that is fantastic for all types of gardening,” Council's Business Development Manager Danielle Hanigan said.

"Our compost is 100% organic certified so it is suitable for a whole range of uses from backyard gardens in urban areas to full-scale farms, including organic producers.”

The council transforms household food and garden waste into nutrient-rich compost to sell locally, making it a closed loop green waste system.

The 10mm compost produced is an excellent soil enhancer and is great for macadamia producers or anyone ready to plant out their winter vege garden.

"It is absolutely magic for any garden. Our compost production is one of the great feathers in the council's cap - we are really pioneering the way,” Ms Hanigan said.

"We were the first council in Australia to achieve 100% organic certification for our compost made from food and garden waste, and last year we installed an Aero-Sorb compost system to halve composting time and save on electricity, fuel and water use. Soon we will also have a bagging machine so people can buy compost by the bag rather than a full trailer load.”

The council's certified organic compost is available for purchase by the trailer or truck load via the Lismore Recycling and Recovery Centre weighbridge from 7am to 3.45pm weekdays and 9am to 1pm every Saturday until June 30.

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