Old hoon at 60kmh over limit

POLICE caught what may be the North Coast's oldest hoon at the weekend when they stopped a 69-year-old man racing along the Pacific Hwy at 170kmh.

The speeder was halted by the highway patrol near the Wooyung Rd flyover south of Crabbes Creek, doing 60kmh more than the 110kmh limit.

The man was given a court attendance notice and will now have to explain his actions to a magistrate.

Police were unable to answer The Northern Star's question on where the man was from, which court he will appear in or when. It was also not clear whether the man would be allowed to continue driving between now and his court time.

The incident capped some grubby behaviour within the Tweed-Byron command at the weekend.

Police said they charged a 21-year-old Tweed Heads man with wilful and obscene exposure along with other offences after he was excluded from Tweed's Seagulls Club on Sunday night.

Meanwhile, Byron Bay officers issued a 42-year-old man with an infringement notice for trying to steal vodka from a bottle shop.

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