Oh crap: Sewerage pipe breaks over medical staff meeting

WE ALL have crappy days - but a staff meeting at Flinders Medical Centre turned into the foulest of them all when a burst pipe showered staff in raw sewage earlier this week.

A meeting of physiotherapists was under way at the Adelaide centre when staff heard an ominous gurgling from above in the room on level two of the complex.

The gurgle turned to a groan then, as has been described as being "like something out of a bad comedy movie", the ceiling gave way and a surge of raw sewage descended on the group.

Shock turned to horror as the staff ran for cover from the disgusting deluge, but there was no escape.

The horror incident has been blamed on a plumbing contractor, who whacked the wrong pipe, causing it to burst.

The flooded room was evacuated and closed, and workers directed to clean up the mess worked in protective suits.

Affected staff had to shower and have their clothes cleaned. Fortunately no-one was injured.

A statement from Southern Adelaide Local Health Network to The Advertiser says: "During routine plumbing maintenance, a pipe was accidentally hit with overflow impacting the ceiling below.

"Our number one priority is the safety and wellbeing of our staff, who were all immediately provided with support. The room has undergone professional decontamination and safety repairs, and is now fully operational."

It is understood everything in the room that could not be comprehensively cleaned had to be destroyed - including lunches brought in by staff members which were spattered with, well, special sauce.

On a brighter note, the rest of the week could only get better.

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