Accused: Nicholas Sharp.
Accused: Nicholas Sharp.

Nurse stops head stomping

HEROIC actions by a Byron Bay nurse allegedly stopped Nicholas Sharp stomping on the head of a badly injured and unconscious Pottsville man in an attack outside the Great Northern Hotel.

Nurse Alison Brown said she shrieked out to ‘the big guy’ (identified by the Crown as Sharp) not to stomp on the unconscious man’s head again because it would kill him.

Ms Brown gave evidence yesterday in the Lismore District Court trial of three Northern Rivers men accused of assaulting two men outside the hotel about 11pm on March 7 of last year.

All three men, Nicholas Stafford Sharp, 27, of Ocean Shores, Dean William Phelps, 25, of Suffolk Park, and Lee Frederick Funnell, 26, of Brunswick Heads are charged with inflicting grievous bodily harm with intent to Dallas Arnold, 32, at Byron Bay on March 7 and threatening to use violence towards Campbell McFarlane and other people that would cause them to fear for their safety.

Phelps and Funnell are accused of in company assaulting Nathan Spratt, 31, causing him bodily harm.

Ms Brown said she saw two men yelling at each other with ‘lots of loud screaming’ and noticed ‘Dallas stumbling quite a lot’ with a fight breaking out between the two men.

“I saw Dallas try to throw a couple of punches that did not connect,” she said.

“The other guy (Sharp) punched him a couple of times. Dallas fell to the ground.

"I watched to see if he was okay and the big guy started to jump on his head. Dallas was knocked unconscious on the ground and wasn’t moving, just lying there with lots of blood.

“He stomped on his head with his right foot. He went to do it again. I saw him lift his foot up again so I jumped in at that point.

“I put my hand up to his (Sharp’s) neck and said not to do it as he would kill him. I shrieked it out.”

Ms Brown said she heard the man (Sharp) say to the injured man something like ‘don’t come near me or my girlfriend’.

“I was hovering over him (Dallas Arnold) trying to protect him from any other abuse. I didn’t want to see him get hurt anymore,” she said.

The nurse said she did not know Mr Arnold and learned his name when his friend came running over to the injured man, calling out ‘Dallas’.

Ms Brown and a hotel security guard then placed Mr Arnold in a recovery position until ambulance officers arrived.

Ms Brown said she was sure the big man (Sharp) and another man went quickly past her outside the hotel moments earlier when she was handing out music flyers.

“I noticed a couple of guys coming down the street quickly, a little angrily. They went past me,” she said.

In cross-examination defence barrister Nicolas Harrison (for Sharp) said to Ms Brown: ‘I suggest the man (Sharp) went to step over him to go past and he stumbled and trod on his head’.

“No, that is not what I saw,” said Ms Brown.

“He was trying to step over him,” said Mr Harrison.

Ms Brown again stated she saw the man raise his foot to stomp for the second time

CCTV hotel footage will be shown to the jury today.

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