NUDE too rude for our beaches?

That's the debate raging on social media after a Facebook user posted about the sighting of a naked man taking a shower at The Basin, Bargara at the weekend.

According to the post on the Bargara Facebookers page, the man was seen showering near a children's playground.

The post received more than 70 comments with some suggesting the act was "disgusting", "perverted" and "inappropriate", while others said it was a fuss over nothing.

According to Bundaberg Police, it is illegal to be naked in public and charges could be laid for those seen to be breaking the law.

"Circumstances will be considered and investigated by police," Senior Constable Danielle Loftus said.

Consequences depend on the circumstance and can range from two penalty units to 40 penalty units ($4712), or one year's imprisonment. One penalty unit equals $117.80.

Beach-goer Rochene Heyward said she didn't have a problem with nudity at the beach as long as it was in a private location.

"I don't mind the idea of a nudist beach but I don't think it is appropriate in the general public area where there are children are playing," she said.

"I think somewhere a little bit more discreet would be acceptable."

Division 5 councillor Greg Barnes said he saw the post on Facebook and urged others to contact police if faced with this behaviour.

"Open-air showers are part of the beach but to use them in that way is just not on," he said.

Snr Cnst Loftus said if members of the public came across public nudity police could be notified on 131 444 or by logging onto Policelink online or via their mobile device.

"Depending on the situation/circumstances, a member of the public may feel okay to let the naked person know that in that public area, nudity is unwelcome and ask them to cover up," she said.

"In saying that, police remind people not to endanger their own safety and definitely give police a call."


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