Business Chamber's one-stop shops

NSW's peak business organisation, NSW Business Chamber, has welcomed the rollout of the first 18 one-stop shops, which will place NSW Government services under the one roof, and the appointment of the state's first Customer Service Commissioner, as a significant step in cutting government red tape costs on business.

The NSW Business Chamber proposed the creation of one-stop shops for NSW Government services as part of its Red Tape Action Plan released last year.

Around 210 Government services will be available at the one-stop shops across the state, and together with a new 24-hour phone service and a new internet portal, this change is estimated to save business $4.8 billion a year.

At the same time the Chamber is calling for a multi-level government response to poor business conditions following the latest NSW Business Chamber/Commonwealth Bank Business Conditions Survey that shows business conditions in NSW has returned to GFC levels.

"Business is crying out for a confidence circuit breaker. We need to drastically change the direction we are heading in if we want to keep our economy strong and Australians in jobs," said Stephen Cartwright, CEO of the NSW Business Chamber.

"We need to see a united effort by all levels of government to draw a line in the sand and play a role in rebuilding business confidence ."

"Business needs to see action, not just words, which show that all levels of governments under-stand that businesses create and sustain the jobs on which community well-being is founded.

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