READER'S VIEW: NRL is over complicating a simple game

AT this particular time the NRL players association are calling for more changes regarding players welfare in the game.

I for one agree that a seven day turnaround from all games should apply to every team within the NRL, not just a chosen few.

My second concern is the fact that Wayne Bennett and Trent Robinson are the only coaches on the NRL new rule changes committee, why only these two?

Any rule changes that they make will benefit their teams more than any other.

The forward pass rule is an absolute joke , it is easily fixed, if the player who receives the ball is in front of the player who passed it, it is a forward pass.

Every year the rules change to increase the speed of the game so as to make for better viewing. I have a suggestion that will speed the game up without more rule changes.

Reduce the game time to 60 minutes (30 minute halves) and reduce the interchange to six only. It will test the recovery rate of our big men and allow our more brilliant players to display all the skills that they have, instead of having 120kg giants being fresh all the time with all of the interchanges.

And finally the men in control, I think that they are as confused as the rugby league fan, because the NRL have made such a simple game so complicated with these different interpretations of all the rules.

They are not game to make a decision because of these changes. The NRL will not increase the numbers of support for our game until you get the video ref and on field officials making less mistakes with their decision making.

This is nothing new, every League fan wants changes regarding this issue, but it is slow in coming.

Jack Lewis, Berserker

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