Afflick bros ready for next challenge: The world record

RACING STARS: The Triple AAA racing team out on Lake Gairdner in South Australia.
RACING STARS: The Triple AAA racing team out on Lake Gairdner in South Australia. Contributed

THE Afflick brothers, Jean Paul and Mitchell, of Suffolk Park, and the whole AAA Racing team are just back from Australian Speed Week with two 100cc motorcycle speed records.

Competing at Lake Gairdner in South Australia, Mitchell claimed the record for the 100cc ABF of 109.3 mph.

Not to be outdone, Jean Paul claimed the 100cc APSBF (partially streamlined) record of 109.5 mph.

ABF refers to their bike's special construction and the type of fuel used, and PS refers to Jean Paul's record, which is partially streamlined with a faring covering part of the engine.

The team now have their sights set on claiming the "official" overall world speed record.


In August they will take their bike to Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, America, known as the mecca of speed.

The overall speed record of 108.3mph is held by US rider Daryl Cummings

"We are now looking to be the fastest 100cc motorcycle on the planet," said Jean Paul.

"We are already faster than the Americans but we have to do it there because the measurement team from the Federation of International Motorcycles is there."

The Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials, including the AMA Land Speed Grand Championship, is the premier motorcycle land speed racing event.

It is an opportunity for contenders in many classes to compete for national and world records.

There are five in the AAA team, including the boys' father Warren, a legendary drag racing champion in the 1970s and early 80s.


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