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Wayne Groves shows the piece of metal found in his burger.
Wayne Groves shows the piece of metal found in his burger. Contributed

BUNDABERG man Wayne Groves wasn't expecting metal in his mouth when he bit into his McOz burger last week.

But that's exactly what he got when something sharp stabbed him in the gum.

Ironically, the offending burger was meant to be compensation for an incorrect order Mr Groves had received from the Targo St store the previous night.

"I went into McDonald's on Tuesday night and the cashier talked me into adding bacon to my McOz burger," Mr Groves said.

"I got home and there was no bacon in the burger. I'd had a gutful - the food's always cold or like cardboard, so I rang to complain.

"They offered me a replacement, which I picked up about 6.30pm Wednesday night."

A few bites in, Mr Groves said he felt pain in his gum.

"A piece of metal stuck into my gum," he said.

"I'm glad it did, otherwise I probably would have swallowed it."

Mr Groves went back to the store with the piece of metal on Thursday and insisted the staff take the matter seriously, saying it could have hurt a young child if they had eaten it.

"The staff I spoke to at McDonald's were more concerned about ushering me away from the other customers," he said.

Mr Groves said staff asked him to fill out an incident report, but they would only take the report if he gave them the piece of metal.

"That's my evidence - I'm not giving it to them," Mr Groves said.

Mr Groves said staff argued that it was procedure to take any foreign object and nothing would be done unless they had the metal.

Dissatisfied with this response, Mr Groves emailed McDonald's CEO Catriona Noble, asking her to spend more of the company's $300 million profit on quality control and warning labels on their packaging.

A McDonald's spokeswoman confirmed McDonald's was investigating the incident.

"We take all of our customers' complaints very seriously and we also have great confidence in our strict food safety processes and systems. We are currently investigating this incident and liaising with the customer directly," the spokeswoman said.

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