ABOVE: Taren winding it up.
ABOVE: Taren winding it up.

Northerly blast threatens again

WELL, folks, those two high-pressure systems did bounce into each other and have a bit of a love in, but in a good way.

The forces were quickly spent and that little east swell backed off to being little more than tiny on Saturday.

Sunday saw a bit of spike in the afternoon, but by Monday it was back to dribble mode.

Mid-week started to hint at a little more promise for the weekend, with signs of an ongoing easterly trade-wind swell.

But there's a catch. It seems the spring pattern isn't done with us yet. The northerlies are coming back.

There could be a semi-reasonable bit of easterly swell at the weekend.

A cute little pocket.
A cute little pocket. Httpwwwslideaholicscom

Yes, it will be very lumpy and bumpy and soft due to it being short period and windy. But at least it won't be completely flat - well, we hope.

So if you're getting hungry for a wave, hit the south-facing corners on the incoming tides, which should help to get a little more push behind it.

Now it's too early to know what Christmas may bring. But it looks like, for now, the north winds are going settle in once again.

Hopefully, this is the last of the northerly blasts, but that remains to be seen.

The good news is that northerlies won't really start to wind up into full strength until late Sunday or Monday. So there's still some hope for the weekend.

Saturday: winds N/NE 8-15kts swell small E 1m very short period (4-6sec) not fabulous but probably worth a look on the open beaches in the morning.

Sunday: winds N/NE 10-20kts swell small E 1-1.2m short period (6-8sec) but with a small possibility of a wind swell arriving from down south.

If it pushes through Saturday's northerlies and makes it into our region, it could add an extra 0.5-1m in size as it crosses up with the easterly swell.

It's a real long shot at best, but you never know.

If it does show up, the open beaches will be the place to be.

Remember to have fun, wait your turn, and surf today like you want to surf again tomorrow.

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