North Coast woman scammed by 'military man'

A LISMORE woman has fallen victim to an internet romance scam.

In mid-October the Lismore woman started talking to a man on an Australian internet dating site, police from Richmond Local Area Command said.

The man claimed to be "Peter Calhoun" and claimed to be a member of the United States Army stationed in Afghanistan.

During conversations Calhoun asked the victim to send him some money so he could fly to Australia and meet her.

He informed the victim that he would have his "Base Camp" get in touch with her to start the process of him taking leave.

The victim received then an email from

This email stated that if the victim wished to have Calhoun take leave from the Military and be flown home she needed to deposit $980 into an Australian bank account.

The victim was also informed that she had a fill out a number of forms with her details such as name, phone number, address, mothers maiden name, date of birth and so on.

The victim completed the forms and sent them back to the email address.

Unfortunately the woman has also paid $600 into the account.

Her family discovered this and advised her that she had been scammed.

Police are currently investigating this matter.

"Australians lose over eight billion dollars a year through scams like this," Senior Constable David Henderson from Richmond LAC said.

"If you have an internet connection or phone you will have someone try to scam you at some stage.

"Have a look at the attached link, it has a comprehensive list of the scams doing the rounds.

"If it sounds like a scam then it probably is."


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