North Coast poet highly commended by UK judges

HASTINGS Point writer and Griffith University lecturer Dr Anthony Lawrence is one of just ten to be highly commended in this years' UK Bridport Prize Poetry competition.

Poetry Judge Patience Agbabin says that the winning poems enlivened her love for poetry.

"They reminded me how vital poetry is to our existence, how it shapes our response to the world and has a living and breathing pulse,' Ms Agbabin said.

His poem 'Scan' was up against 5,400 other entries and Dr Anthony Lawrence is thrilled that he did so well in such an acclaimed competition.

"I'm thrilled, it's one of the world's finest competitions, and it gets very stiff competition so you know that you work is going to be assessed along some very fine poems," Dr Lawrence said.

He has published 16 books of poems and readers can expect lyrical, tightly-crafted writing from his most recent collection 'Headwaters' which he claims is his most accomplished work yet.

"They have been crafted to not only conform to a very particular, clean-lined look on the page but they also have a very lyrical, minimalist sound to them when they're read,

"I think it's my most accomplished book as far as the actual craft of writing poetry goes," he said.

As an amateur ornithologist and a writer, his home in Hastings Point serves as his bank of inspiration and his ideal place to live.

"When I'm looking at the black cockatoos, the osprey or the kites, it's a really interesting way of me keeping my finger on the pulse of my own poetry and life so it's a really lovely marriage of souls, it's a perfect place to live for someone like me," he said.

An anthology of this year's winning entries, including Anthony's' poem, is available at

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