Nortec provide jobs and training.
Nortec provide jobs and training. Blainey Woodham

NORTEC speaks up to get wireless sooner

NORTEC and its Goonellabah site tenants have shown the value of speaking up about business challenges after the announcement they will be fast-tracked for the NBN's fixed wireless service.

Small business solutions manager at NORTEC, Kym Kranen, said it was good news for the incubator.

A business incubator is a company that helps new and start-up companies.

The Goonellabah site at 8 Slade St offers tenants competitive rental rates, easy in-out leases and business mentoring support.

"Hopefully with the prospect of super fast internet we will get a lot more enquiries from small businesses," Ms Kranen said.

She attended a stakeholder consultation session with the Lismore City Council and NBN, where she spoke up, and was later notified the Goonellabah incubator would be fast-tracked.

With the new fixed wireless service, businesses at the site will receive download speeds of up to 50mbps and 20mbps upload.

One of the building's tenants is Karey Patterson, the owner of ereserve, a library reading list and copyright management system.

"We're very pleased about it," Mr Patterson said.

Goonellabah is due for NBN's fibre-to-the-node service in 2017.

"As an interim step it's very good," he said.

"People need to participate in the community, it's easy as a business manager or owner to be caught up in their world but it's important to engage with council and put their perspective forward."

Mr Patterson said the sooner regional areas received access to fast and reliable internet, the sooner regional areas could compete with bigger cities.

He said good infrastructure, such as what's offered by the NBN, has the potential to keep residents local.

"This region has a lot of gifted amateurs and a real investment in infrastructure has the potential to turn them into gifted professionals," Mr Patterson said.


He said he would really like to see a swift implementation of the NBN on the Northern Rivers.

To check if your business or home has access to the NBN, visit and type in your full address in the blue box.

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