Greg McNamara
Greg McNamara

Norco sends milk to fill shelves

NORCO is lending a hand to make sure Brisbane residents are not without supplies of milk while flooding continues in the Queensland capital.

Norco chairman Greg McNamara said the processor offered assistance to two Queensland-based milk processors as soon as it became aware there were supply issues.

“We just wanted to make sure Brisbane has milk today,” Mr McNamara said yesterday.

On Wednesday night. additional supplies of Northern Rivers milk were shipped to Norco's south-east Queensland processing plant, located on high land.

From there some of the milk, which was on Brisbane shelves yesterday, was re-branded under the Parmalat label, while the rest was sold under the Norco badge.

Mr McNamara said a gentlemen's handshake was in place between the processors and no discussion had yet taken place about the financial side of the arrangement.

“If we had a problem they would do the same thing for us,” Mr McNamara said.

Mr McNamara said milk shortages in Queensland had occurred because milk could not be trucked from farms to processors due to road and bridge closures from flooding.

In parts of Queensland affected by flooding, Norco has about 25 member farms which supply milk to the co-operative.

All Queensland members were safe and well, but were stressed and frustrated because they were unable to deliver milk.

Some Northern Rivers dairy farmers had experienced similar circumstances this week.

Mr McNamara said between 100,000 and 150,000 litres of milk had gone to waste from farms across the region because it could not be collected for processing.

The big wet was also causing problems with sore feet and mastitis in dairy herds and diminishing pasture quality.

Mr McNamara said Norco was looking at ways to support its members while recovery from floods was under way.

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