No room for mistakes with children at stake

WE all make mistakes.

Nobody is perfect and no system is perfect.

Unfortunately, when you are dealing with lives in your work, a simple mistake can have dire consequences.

This time, a mistake by the Department of Community Services in June, resulted in a nine-month-old baby suffering brain injury and two broken legs.

There's the saying 'two sides to every story' and in my experience, when it comes to a DoCS issue, there is usually three or four sides to the story, which makes finding a solution almost impossible. I believe most choices made by the department and the courts are for the benefit of the child or

children involved and a policy to return

children from foster care to their family is a good concept in principle.

The near-death of a baby because of this policy must make authorities immediately look at tightening the policy at the very least.

To say as a society we have allowed this to happen is true. But as a society, we need to break the cycle of violence so that innocent children are not rag-doll toys for sadistic abusers. But how do we do this? As an individual, how do I help society change?

We all need to take our heads out of the sand, look at the people living next to us, standing in front of us in the check-out line, waiting beside us at the school gate, and take the first step and ask them if they are all right.

It's daunting and confronting to approach a stranger and offer them help, and a lot of us are caught up in our own daily troubles and problems, but sometimes it can pay off and be worth more than you know.

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