No more chances for Coast drug trafficker

A CONVICTED drug dealer who promised a judge he would never come before a court again, has been jailed for doing just that.

Shannon Lee Watt, a former FIFO worker who turned to drugs after discovering the mother of his child was unfaithful during his stints away in Gladstone, first appeared in court for his part in a Sunshine Coast trafficking ring in 2014.

At the time, Justice Debra Mullins handed down a lenient sentence on the grounds Watt keep his word to stay away from drugs. She ordered that he be released after serving 11 months of a three year, seven-month jail term.

But Brisbane Supreme Court heard on Monday that just four months after being released with the remainder of his sentence suspended, Watt, now aged 29, returned to his old ways.

Most significantly, he was busted by police mid-way through a robbery, perched on a motorcycle that belonged to the owner of the home he and his friends had just broken into.

On a separate occasion, police were called to a domestic disturbance at a Caloundra unit where they found Watt hiding in a cupboard and uncovered several clip sealed bags lined with speed residue as well as small amounts of amphetamines and marijuana.

Crown Prosecutor Susan Hedge said it would "not be unjust" for Watt to serve the balance of his sentence given he had offended so soon after his release and continued to associate with drugs and addicts even after being arrested for the first round of breaches.

Defence barrister Robert Gordon said his client had been off drugs since last June, was working as a concreter until his arrest earlier this month and hoped to settle down in Caloundra with his new fiance.

He said his client was worried about his former partner's alleged drug problem and intended to seek custody of his son to which Justice John Byrne quipped "so the child will be raised by two drug addicts rather than one?"

Justice Byrne said Watt's promise to stay clean "wasn't to be".

He said there was "no evidence whatsoever" Watt had made any attempts at rehabilitation and ordered him to serve the remaining two years, eight months of his sentence.

Watt will be eligible to apply for parole from July 23.


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