No laughing matter: Comedian and son sent home by police

WHEN comedian Vanessa Mitchell took her 12 year old son for a quick dip at a swimming hole, she never expected police to tell them to go home because of coronavirus rules.

"We often use the local watering holes as our exercise and for our mental health," Ms Mitchell said.

"I've had my son home for three weeks already."

Ms Mitchell has been exercising with a friend on the oval for 20 minutes a day as allowed under the government's no more than two people social distancing rule.

At the Bexhill quarry swimming hole, the police told the mother and son to go home.

"Do we have to leave?" Ms Mitchell said she asked them as there was no one else there except her and her son.

The police frowned, she said.

"Is it because we're at the quarry or the virus?" she asked them.

"Everything's shut, they told her and said she was fortunate she was only out with one other person.

"We don't make the rules," the police said.

"They weren't rude but I wanted to burst out crying," Ms Mitchell said.

She went straight home and looked up the coronavirus restrictions regarding being in a public place.

On March 29 the National Cabinet limited most indoor and outdoor non-essential gatherings to two people.

Stay at home we're being told but going out for exercise with another person is one of the reasons we're allowed out.

"I can go to Bunnings to get a can of paint," she said.

Asa a self confessed extrovert, Ms Mitchell said she could handle the restrictions if she knew they were only for two weeks.

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