FISHING FANATIC: TFFC president John Reed.
FISHING FANATIC: TFFC president John Reed. Chris Ison

This has to be better alternative to ice addition

"GET hooked on fishing, not ice."

That's the simple but strong message Treehouse Family Fishing Club president John Reed wants to send out to the community on the Capricorn Coast.

"This is an important message I personally want to relay, especially to the kids across the region," Mr Reed said.

"All forms of fishing, be it land based, off a beach or a jetty, or on water fishing via a boat, can have people of all ages hooked on fishing when those fish start to bite."

The message has been used in various areas across the country to great effect and it's one we as a community should implement, Mr Reed says.

"With the introduction of the Net Free Zones in our Capricornia region, there is already a noticeable increase in the type and amount of fish being caught and this should see more residents get into fishing," he said.

"Getting more kids into fishing will be a social benefit from the introduction of the NFZs in our region."

It's estimated that 20.3%, or one in five, people participated in fishing activities in the Capricornia Region, according to the Statewide Fishing Survey (2013/14) completed by the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.

"Over time these figures should grow as more fish in our systems will mean more community members will participate in fishing in our region, another social benefit," Mr Reed said.

"A lot of talk of late has all been focused on economic benefits of NFZs which I think with time we'll see, but for me it's the social benefits for the region that are more important. This is a community initiative that brings people together."

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