THINK outside the box?

Forget that nonsense. Smear the box in eyeliner, toast it under a blowtorch and chuck it in the Wilsons River.

The ducks could do with some extra carbon in their diet.

When it comes to creative thinking, very few do it better than the Northern Rivers' own sweethearts of style, the No Frills Twins.

Carbon-copy sisters Vanessa and Arna Rogers have used their unique take on fashion and music to become internet sensations.

CARBON COPY: No Frill Twins Vanessa and Arna Rogers, of Mullumbimby.
CARBON COPY: No Frill Twins Vanessa and Arna Rogers, of Mullumbimby.

They said the Lismore's sleepy reputation was undergoing an artistic transformation of which they were proud to be a part.

A look and a listen is all it takes to prove they have beaten their own path in the entertainment industry.

"It started with the fashion in Year 9 when we discovered a love for op-shopping - finding value in something another person had discarded," Arna said.

"The music was forever but we started taking it seriously when we put our first videos on YouTube in 2012."

The No Frills Twins now have more than 45,000 YouTube followers with one of their songs reaching more than 560,000 views.

They are regular fixtures of Lismore's growing arts scene and will play at the opening of the Goose Gallery next month.

On Saturday, they will perform at a fashion showcase in the city's graffiti-lined Back Alley Gallery alongside the launch of the Chip the Teacup - a new fashion label led by fellow local girl Monique Hope.

Vanessa said the number of talented young Lismore artists was on the rise and was keen to help them foster their talents.

"Last night a girl from Goonellabah wrote to us on Facebook," she said.

"She was 12 or 13 years old and had been writing songs she hadn't released yet.

"We told her to stay true to herself, keep her confidence up and not to listen to negative people.

"And you have to be business-minded and do things strategically.

"If a song hits number one, you should make an effort to do a cover as soon as possible.

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