'No' campaigners have a 'tenuous' grip on reality: LETTER

Letter writer says he is
Letter writer says he is "thoroughly entertained" by the 'no' campaign.

I AM being thoroughly entertained by the 'no' campaign ads.

However, their grip on reality is a little tenuous.

Despite her protestations, the lady's son has always been allowed to wear a dress to school, subject to the school dress code of course.

The ads do lack diversity. It's all mums worried about sons. What about dads worried about daughters wearing trousers to school?

What I can't fathom is how same sex couples marrying interferes with a person's right to worship the deity of their choice, or anyone marrying for that matter.

The law says no Australian can be told what they can or can't believe in.

Even if a few politicians think we should be a homophobic, monotheistic, Christian theocracy, we're not and can't be.

If you want to believe UFOs will come down and save us, you can.

If you want to believe a big hairy sky man made the world, go for it.

Anything that helps a person make sense of their world has got to be a good thing.

And if your god tells you to be tolerant, caring and compassionate to others, don't judge and do no harm, that's got to make for a better world.

If you genuinely believe marriage can only be between a man and a woman, that's your choice, but be honest.

If you're scared of change then admit that.

Being uncomfortable with change is normal.

However, no one ever got pregnant off a toilet seat and no one is going to become gay seeing two men, or women, kiss each other and say 'I love you'.

It happens every day.

Serge Killingbeck,


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