Brazilian circus performer Rafael Nino as Nino the clown.
Brazilian circus performer Rafael Nino as Nino the clown. Contributed

Meet Nino, the Moscow Circus's daredevil clown

THE Great Moscow Circus is bringing its 50th Anniversary show to Ballina for two weeks only from November 18.

At the centre of the show is Rafael Nino, 26, from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

He is not just the MC, he is also a clown and one of the bike riding daredevils featured in the show.

Clowning under a circus tent is in Rafael's blood, as he belongs to a long line of Brazilian circus stars.

"I started to do clowning very young, when I was four years old," he says.

"I am a sixth generation circus performer and a fifth generation clown.

"As a young boy, I wanted to try more exciting stuff so I learned to walk the high wire, trapeze and then bike riding."

Rafael then merged all his skills into one character in 2011, a clown that performs daredevil traits, called Nino (Italian for child).

After touring Venezuela, Uruguay and Argentina with French circus Le Cirque, Nino the Clown left South American aged 17 to go to China.

He never looked back, and after performing in 18 countries around the world, he is now at the centre of the Moscow Circus' three-year tour of Australia.

The bike daredevil show he presents includes a show that sees six bike riders inside a steel globe.

Mr Nino said the Great Moscow Circus show in Australia is one of the best circus shows in the world.

"It's the best in the world because the casting is done very carefully, it is not easy being cast in this show," he said.

"The casting process only took for months, and then the shows were developed so the show, the production, the music, all fits together.

"It's a different show, with a mix of traditional, contemporary and extreme circus acts," he said.

The Great Moscow Circus will also include animals in its show, featuring camels, horses, buffalos, llamas and monkeys.

The Great Moscow Circus is at River St, West Ballina, in the vacant block next to Parkview Funerals, with parking in Kalinga St from November 18.

For their show schedule and tickets go to or call 1300 MOSCOW.


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