IMAGINE being able to surf at one of the North Coast’s famous beaches at any time of the day or night with just the flick of a switch.

A boardriders’ group in New Zealand is proposing the world’s first permanent, purpose-built night surfing facility.

The plan would comprise three sets of floodlights shining out on to the waves at Lyall Bay in Wellington, effectively doubling the time available for surfing.

But local surfers are not keen for something like that to be established here.

Lennox Head surfer and photographer Craig Parry said flood-lights on the beaches could work, but only for special events, such as this weekend’s Gromfest.

“But I wouldn’t like to see them set up permanently,” he said.

Fellow Lennox Head surfer Jai Sheffield said promoting night surfing in the region would bring too many people to the area.

“Once you start putting up flashy things people will flock here,” he said.

“As a local, I’d prefer to have the waves to ourselves.”

Lennox-Ballina Boardriders president Jonny Hewett said night surfing could create a lot more dangers for surfers.

However, he said floodlights for competitions was a possibility, so there could be night events.

“It’s a new avenue to draw crowds, but obviously there are a lot of risks involved,” he said.

“But having floodlights on our beaches all the time would not be attractive.”

Byron Bay Boardriders president Bryce Cameron agreed.

“No way would I want that ... it’s too much,” he said.

“There are plenty of hours in the day without bringing in floodlights. It’s not necessary.”

However, he said night surfing was popular with some people.

Mr Cameron said surfing at The Pass when there was a full moon was ‘pretty fun’.

“Of course there’s the fear of sharks, but the risk is minimal,” he said.

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