New TV guidelines for toddlers a turn-off

GEE, those toddlers are up to no good.

What are they up to?

Wait for it - they're watching television!

This 'crisis' is what keeps the Federal Government up at night; so much so there are now new guidelines on how much television your children should be watching.

I understand the Government is doing all it can to rein in the childhood obesity problem, but suggesting that all children under the age of two be banned from watching television is absurd.

So if a mother gets up at 2am to feed her new-born, is it recommended she not breastfeed in front of the television for fear her child will be passively affected?

Also, what do you do when your two eldest children are watching television? Should the toddler be forced to leave the room, or do you send your other two to their rooms so you can turn off the TV?

The review suggests watching television could stunt language development and shorten a toddler's attention span. Um, what attention span?

The last time I spent any quality time with a toddler, all it took was a fuzzy pink puppet to get her attention, which was then quickly lost to a shinny set of keys. And she didn't watch any television.

Guidelines are just that - a guide, so you can choose to ban your toddlers from television, or not.

My problem is that with so many guidelines coming out these days, how do you know which ones to follow. You can't follow all of them as there are too many contradictions, so many of these recommendations are ignored as just another suggestion.

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