Want a new house? Soon you might be able to print one off

THE inventor of an automated construction technology that could build cheap sustainable housing will be speaking at the Bio-charfest in Mullumbimby this weekend.

Dr Behrokh Khoshnevis has been developing Contour Crafting for the last 20 years.

The process is likened to a 3D printer, but on a much larger scale.

The technology extrudes a cement-like building material in layers until a building has been fully formed.

Dr Khoshnevis said the process is fully automated and can produce buildings with full architectural flexibility and style.

He is in Australia to meet building construction companies as well as material manufacturers.

He is looking to raise funding to help realise a real-world working model capable of building affordable housing.

Given the right partnership and funding, a prototype could be produced within a year, he said.

Contour Crafting is also showing potential as a way to build structures on the moon.

It was expensive to transport materials to the moon and the vacuum of space sucked the water right out of wet cement he said.

Dr Khoshnevis is working with the American space agency to use moon dust, rocks and sulphur, combined under heat, to produce cement capable of building moon structures.

"The Contour Crafter can heat this mixture so it is like lava, and then use it to build," he said.

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