New recruits to boost Northern NSW

THE streets of NSW will be protected by more than 400 extra police officers as of Monday.

While the bulk of graduates from the Goulburn Police Academy's class 316 will be posted to Sydney's crime hot spots, at least 50 are on their way to regional stations in Northern NSW.

Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione welcomed the 437 new recruits - 315 male and 122 female - into the force on Friday morning.

He said no matter where the officers were going, all would be faced with similar challenges.

"I am extremely proud of these new police officers," Mr Scipione said "They have worked hard, both physically and academically, to reach the milestone of attesting here today.

"I am confident they will be valuable assets to the communities they have been tasked to serve."

All recruits are given the rank of probationary constable for the first 12 months of their policing career before being confirmed and given their first official posting.

The new officers will also be joined by six specially trained recruits of the four-legged variety.

German shepherds, Hilton, Ghurka, Boags, Doc, Gordon and Horace, have been sworn in to the police dog unit and will be used to help track down missing persons and property.

Facts about Class 316

The class comprises 315 policemen and 122 policewomen.

359 probationary constables studied as undergraduate students, while 60 studied via distance education.

One recruit studied through the Bachelor of Justice Studies (Policing) pathway and 13 joined through the University of Western Sydney pathway.

Two recruits joined through the Accelerated Prosecutors Recruitment Program and two others participated through the Accelerated Student Program.

393 were born in Australia and 44 were born overseas. Countries of origin include India, England, Republic of South Korea, Philippines, Afghanistan, Nepal, South Africa, USA, Wales, Brazil, France, Indonesia, Ireland, Libya, New Zealand, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Russian Federation, Thailand and Vietnam.

16 of the new probationary constables identify as being of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background.

The youngest recruit is aged 19 and the oldest is 47 years.

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