NEW PARTY: Australian Children's Rights Party founder Alan Corbett is looking for members. Photo: Max Fleet / NewsMail
NEW PARTY: Australian Children's Rights Party founder Alan Corbett is looking for members. Photo: Max Fleet / NewsMail Max Fleet

New party for children's rights

A MOORE Park Beach man is trying to start a new political party focusing on the rights of children.

Alan Corbett said his Australian Children's Rights Party would work to give children a better quality of life by making sure the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child was implemented.

"We would be there to raise the profile of children," he said.

Article 19 of the convention says children should not be subject to physical or mental violence.

Mr Corbett is appealing for 500 people to join the party so it can register two candidates for the Senate in the September 14 elections.

He needs the support of the 500 people by the end of this month to allow time to register the party with the Australian Electoral Commission.

Mr Corbett said his party believed children were not the possessions of parents.

"Children need to be seen and heard," he said.

"They need to be seen as actors on the Australian political stage and not as 'extras'; left in the wings and playing a minor role."

Mr Corbett said 19% of the Australian population was less than 15.

"That's a lot of kids who deserve to be front and centre," he said.

Mr Corbett said he was motivated by the number of vulnerable children in the community.

"I see abused children, I see refugee children whose first view of Australia is through a wire fence," he said.

"If we can get candidates up and running we can draw attention to them."

Mr Corbett said he had been told by a number of people in the community they would join his party.

But he said he had written to several children's rights groups with no response.

"Mention children's rights to people and you see a veil go across their eyes," he said.

"I think they're worried it's all about corporal punishment, they think it's a contentious issue."

Mr Corbett, 59, served eight years in the Upper House of the NSW Parliament, at first representing a party he founded called A Better Future For Our Children.

He later became an Independent when the rules were changed to make it harder for minor parties to maintain party registration.

Details of his proposed party can be found at


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