New fish species found off Australian coast

The blackfin sandperch
The blackfin sandperch

A QUEENSLAND scientist has discovered a new species of fish called blackfin sandperch and he believes there are many more awaiting discovery in our deep oceans.

Queensland Science Minister Ian Walker, talking exclusively to APN Newsdesk on Monday, said scientist Jeff Johnson had made a significant contribution to Queensland's biodiversity research due to the discovery of Parapercis nigrodorsalis.

He said there were still countless frontiers to conquer for the state's brightest and most enquiring minds.

"The blackfin sandperch is found in the deep sea off the Australian and New Zealand coastlines and lives in depths up to 280m below the surface," he said.

"This discovery follows on from a record year in 2013 where Queensland Museum researchers discovered a record 221 new species."

Mr Johnson said the newly discovered fish lived in rocky reef, gravel and rubble bottom on the sea floor in waters off the Australian coastline and is abundant in New Zealand waters.

"There may be thousands of marine species waiting to be discovered in our deep oceans and with advances in technology we are finding more and more new species; it really is an exciting time to be involved with biodiversity research," he said


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