An NBN "crisis meeting" was recently held in Mullumbimby.

NBN 'crisis meeting': Frustration from residents, businesses

FEDERAL member for Richmond, Justine Elliot, has spoken in Parliament about the "appalling" NBN rollout in her electorate.

She said she recently held an "NBN crisis meeting" in Mullumbimby, where many people came along to "express their frustration and dissatisfaction with the NBN".

"I convened the meeting because I had been contacted by so many locals with complaints about the NBN," she said in Parliament.

"These complaints include the huge blowout in rollout times, the lack of access, the slow and poor quality connection, the lack of communication between NBN Co and providers, and, of course, the usage of second-rate copper for the NBN.

"Indeed, some locals even have the continuing problem of paying for a service that is not yet connected or a service that runs on slower speeds than they've been promised."

Ms Elliot said there were still 40,000 premises in the Richmond electorate that did not have an NBN connection.

Many of those connections are not planned to be completed until 2019.

"People tell me they are missing out on a vital service and business as a result of poor or non-existent telecommunications," she said.

"Young people are unable to complete basic work for their primary, secondary and tertiary commitments as a result of poor downloads, slow speeds and constant dropouts.

"And in regional areas like mine there's great concern for the elderly and those with disabilities, who have limited or no access to crucial communications when they need them."

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