Navman buys Transtech Driven

NAVMAN Wireless Australia has acquired Transtech Driven.

Transtech Driven located in Melbourne and Victoria was owned by the Transtech group while Navman Wireless Australia is the Australian operating company of Navman Wireless, a global leader in fleet and asset tracking.

Transtech Driven and its associated entity The Transtech Driven Partnership - which is certified by Transport Certification Australia (TCA) to provide Intelligent Access Program (IAP) services is a leading provider of compliance solutions for the transport and logistics industry.

The Transtech Driven Partnership has been certified by TCA as an IAP Service Provider since 2008, with type-approved Telematics In-Vehicle Units.

Navman Wireless Australia and Transtech Driven have been working together since 2012 to address safety risks triggered by driver fatigue.

The Transtech Driven Sentinel system is integrated into the Navman Wireless GPS fleet management solution to enable businesses with vehicle fleets to manage and monitor adherence to fatigue policies.

"As workplace health and safety across the transport industry becomes increasingly regulated, vehicle safety is critical in maintaining on-road duty of care for businesses," Navman Wireless Australia Vice President and Managing Director for Asia Pacific, Ian Daniel, said.

"The combination of our GPS fleet management tools with the expertise that Transtech Driven provides in transport industry compliance means that our existing customers will continue to benefit from reduced fuel costs, improved safety and operational efficiencies."

Transtech Driven CEO Andrew Rossington said customers would experience a seamless transition.

"We are pleased to advance our partnership with Navman Wireless Australia enabling us to leverage their global reach and capability in R&D and operations and service, while strengthening offerings to our customers," he said.

Transtech Driven will operate as a business unit of Navman Wireless Australia and will continue to be based out of Melbourne.

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