Nature and beauty fuel an artistic dream

LARA Pisarek has been drawing ever since she can remember, her kindergarten journals are filled with miss-spelt words and detailed colouring ins.

But it was Lara’s grandmother who introduced her to art properly and helped nurture a talent which would flourish later in high school.

“The first time I was taught how to properly paint was by my grandmother, she would buy my sister and I canvas’, demonstrating how to use and paint brush and how to mix colours.

“It wasn’t until high school that I really started to practice art with a pure sense of passion and determination. My best grades were always art and I found myself painting, drawing, sculpting, singing or dancing everyday as an outlet,” Lara said.

Lara has focused mainly on watercolours which she uses to capture the environment around her, something she hopes to become known for in her career.

“My paintings are realistic depictions of nature and its relationship with humans. My works are bold, using bright colours to highlight the beauty and power of nature. Creating a semi-abstract approach using texture found within watercolour techniques I am able to portray the organic shapes, forms that nature embodies,” Lara said.

Lara’s workhas been displayed at the Lismore Regional Gallery which she said was a fantastic opportunity for her.

“Having my work shown through the gallery was a delight and made me even more inspired to continue my artistic journey. I would highly recommend any young artists looking for platforms to have their work distributed to contact the local gallery,” Lara said.

These experiences have inspired Lara to try and become a professional artist.

“I want to make a living out of art so that I can do what I love and stray away from the mundane things in life … art is a lifestyle and I think artists need more recognition and status in society, what they do is equal to what any other worker would do.”

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