TOP COLLABORATION: Nattali Rize worked with Julian Marley on her latest single Natty Rides Again.
TOP COLLABORATION: Nattali Rize worked with Julian Marley on her latest single Natty Rides Again.

Natty Rides Again with Marley and is ready to reggae

NATTY Rides Again is Nattali Rize’s latest single, recorded in Kingston, Jamaica.

Rize, the vocalist of local reggae ensemble Blue King Brown, has collaborated with Julian Marley, son of the late great Bob Marley – a first for any Australian singer.

Accompanying the new release is a video clip was filmed at Bob’s house and surrounding areas in Kingston.

Rize moved to Jamaica in 2014 to develop her new solo project, and in August 2015 she dropped her first solo EP.

Speaking from Cairns in Queensland, Rize said when she visits Australia she still considers herself a Northern Rivers resident, and as such she is proud to be headlining this week’s MardiGrass.

“It’s awesome. I have to confess I can’t remember the last time I went to MardiGrass. It was years ago,” she said. “I love the fact that the culture is so strong and the festival is thriving. It’s going to be a lot of fun for me a someone who hasn’t been for a long time as well as for my band, as they are all Jamaican.

“There is no festival like MardiGrass that I have seen around the world.

“A lot of my songs are focused on freedom from mental and systemic slavery and oppression, which the current capitalist system promotes and embodies.

“What I love about MardiGrass is that it is outside of the paradigm of the current system.

“To be honest, most of my songs are fitting for the kind of community that embraces freedom and herb culture.

“One of the songs of my last EP, Midnight Remedy, is about marijuana, cannabis in particular, as a healer, as medicine. That’s something I’m really passionate about, re-introducing the herb to the population.

“Our culture and thinking around it is twisted and backwards when, really, it’s a sacred herb that needs to be treated as such.”

On working with Julian, Rize said: “Julian has been in Australia a few times and a couple of those times I have performed solo or within Blue King Brown, so we had met before, we had a connection.

“When I moved to Jamaica in 2014 Julian was in Kingston as well and, to cut a long story short, there was an intention to collaborate with him. We had the rhythms ready to go. We linked up with him, we played two songs and he chose this one.

“The next day we went to Bob’s studios in Kingston, we put the record in the speakers and we started ‘vibeing’ some vocals on it. Soon we were on the microphone recording what we wrote together in a couple of hours in one sitting. The energy was up and everyone in the room was ‘vibeing’ because the rhythm is so nice.”

The video premiered on Europe’s huge online reggae community, Reggaeville, and is tracking to be the highest viewed premier of the year.

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