Naked man shocks woman

SYLVIA NAGY is wishing she had listened to her barking dog after she disturbed an intruder wearing nothing but a balaclava masturbating in her Lismore house on Wednesday night.

Ms Nagy is still reeling with shock after finding the man in the downstairs area of her home in Little Keen Street about 10.15pm.

She is fearful that he could be the same man being sought by police over the rape of a Casino woman on Wednesday morning and possibly seen near a North Street, Casino residence on Tuesday night.

Detective Inspector Greg Moore, crime manager with the Richmond Local Area Command, said Lismore detectives were investigating a report of a male entering a premise.

“We can’t rule out a link (to Casino) but we do not want to cause unnecessary alarm,” he said.

“At this stage it is an on-going investigation. Anyone with information can call Lismore detectives.”

Ms Nagy described the man as young, about 20 years old, tanned and of medium build.

Casino police are seeking a man in his 20s or 30s, 172cm tall with a medium build and a tanned complexion who ransacked a Hickey Street home after raping the female resident in her bedroom.

Police believe the rapist left through the front door.

Ms Nagy believes her intruder walked through her unlocked back door while she was talking to a relative on the phone for about half an hour.

“My dog was barking furiously for about five minutes while I was on the phone,” she said.

“I thought it was just because of the full moon because she stopped barking. But I think she was trying to warn me.”

Ms Nagy went downstairs, where she is storing clothes for a garage sale, when ‘something moved’.

“I saw this naked body with a black balaclava wanking,” she recalled.

“I screamed like you wouldn’t believe. It was so loud that the whole street should have come running.

“I freaked and he vanished in a puff of smoke.”

Her flatmate rushed downstairs to help but the intruder had fled out the front door.

Ms Nagy had planned to head to the Gold Coast that day, but a change of plans fortunately meant her flatmate was not home alone that night.

“I’m glad it was me,” she said. “My flatmate said I handled it much better than she would have.”

“There were scissors downstairs with the clothes, big scissors,” she said.

“I don’t want to scare anyone but I should have taken my dog, Lucky, seriously.

“He moved a wig and could have been playing with stuff for up to half an hour.”

She is concerned that a mural at the front of her house may have given him the wrong idea about her.

“It is a naked woman but it is a spiritual, goddess mural,” she said. “I hope it wasn’t taken the wrong way.”

She believes the intruder could have been attracted to her house because the lights were on and he could have seen the ‘emporium of clothing’.

“It looks like an Aladdin’s cave of frocks,” Ms Nagy said.

“I was going to have a garage sale next week. It was going to be the 30-year garage sale of the century.”

She still hopes to have the sale but it is determined to listen to her kelpie cross in future.

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