AusCare Pharmacy owner Nas Dehghan inspects the damage after a break-in.
AusCare Pharmacy owner Nas Dehghan inspects the damage after a break-in. Robyne Cuerel

Naked crime fighter

BEING buck naked didn't stop a Point Vernon man from trying to thwart a midnight chemist burglary on Sunday.

As alarm bells rang into the night, Tony the would-be crime fighter, got out of bed to investigate.

It didn't matter that it was freezing cold and he didn't have any clothes on, the adrenaline had kicked in.

Tony, who lives near the AusCare pharmacy on Murphy St, heard what he later found out was a thief smashing the store's front window with a sledgehammer.

"I heard the alarm go off and I heard banging, like someone was smashing things," said Tony, who didn't want his surname published.

"I walked out about 20 to 30 feet - I was naked.

"Then I saw the hole in the door where they got in."

Tony called out and disturbed the bandit, who was only inside the store briefly, but managed to break into a safe and steal a stash of drugs.

"I yelled out 'What the f*** are you doing?" Tony said.

"He came running out (of the chemist) and he was wearing a white hoodie.

"He panicked.

"I think he got a fright."

The drug thief jumped into a black hatchback and took off down Murphy St.

Tony called 000.

He was dressed by the time police arrived.

Nas Dehghan, who bought the pharmacy in December, was called to the scene in the middle of the night.

He had to drive up from Brisbane.

Mr Dehghan said the thief smashed the door off a steel safe and snatched a supply of Oxycontin pills, an opium-based painkiller.

"I think they knew exactly where the safe was," he said.

"Nothing was out of whack, they haven't touched anything else."

Dr Ken Treichel from the medical centre next door said the Fraser Coast was known as a "centrepoint" for speed, opiates and morphine.

"This is the third (break-in) for this pharmacy," he said.

"They went straight to the drug cabinet, so they knew what they were doing."

Dr Treichel said he had raised these concerns with police after he found people approaching his patients in the carpark and offering to buy Oxycontin pills from them.

"The worry is that old age pensioners are selling the stuff," Dr Treichel said.

"They come here and get scripts and they can sell half for $500."

He said the street value of Oxycontin, also known as "hillbilly heroin" and injected by addicts, was $1 for 1mg.

So, he said, a script for 28 pills - at 100mg each - was worth $2800.

"It is becoming an issue now," Dr Treichel said of the distribution of the drug.

"It needs to be sorted out quickly."

Forensic investigators and CIB detectives yesterday went to the pharmacy, where they dusted for fingerprints and interviewed the pharmacy staff members.

Anyone with information should call police on 4123 8111 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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