'GHOST SHIP': Mystery of the abandoned boat at Ballina

GHOST SHIP: This abandoned sailing dinghy has been floating around Shaws Bay for about six months.
GHOST SHIP: This abandoned sailing dinghy has been floating around Shaws Bay for about six months. Graham Broadhead

BALLINA'S Shaws Bay has its own ghost ship.

This can be added to some of the other quirky things about the bay, like the urban myth about the shark or the past idea to relocate the Big Prawn into the popular swimming hole.

A ghost ship is a vessel that remains afloat but has been abandoned by its crew.

While some of them are fictional, like the Flying Dutchman, others are real, with the most famous being the Marie Celeste, which was found in 1872 with no crew on board.

You can google some of the large ghost ships which are reportedly still floating on the oceans, being moved along by the prevailing winds and currents until they either run aground or the sea envelopes them.

The MV Lyubov Orlova is a former Russian cruise ship that broke from its tow in 2013 and is reportedly still afloat in international waters

More than 100 ghost ships have been found by the Japanese Coast Guard between 2013 to last year, which are mainly wooden fishing boats which are reportedly have been used by people fleeing North Korea.

A Ballina resident, Cynthia Moncrieff, spotted a small sailing dinghy trapped in among the mangroves by North Wall at the southern end of Shaws Bay last week.

The vessel has clearly been abandoned, with rubbish and dead grass on board.

Ms Moncrieff said the vessel has been sailing around Shaws Bay for about six months after initially being parked on the beach near the Shaws Bay Hotel midway through last year.

Brendan Byrne, licensee of the Shaws Bay Hotel, reckons the boat is owned by a man by the name of either Beevis or Bevis, who has been to the pub a few times, but couldn't be described as a regular.

He had asked if her could park the dinghy outside the pub.

But Mr Byrne said hasn't been seen for some time and and others at the pub don't know where he lives.

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