New water restrictions will mean residents will have to make several changes to save water.
New water restrictions will mean residents will have to make several changes to save water.

Mullumbimby leads the way in saving water

MULLUMBIMBY residents have risen to the challenge of saving water as the town moves to level 4 water restrictions.

Byron Shire Council’s Infrastructure Services director Phil Holloway said there has been a marked decrease in water consumption in the town in the last week.

“Mullumbimby residents are generally extremely environmentally-conscious and I expect we will see a steady decline in water use as they find more ways to save on their daily water use,” Mr Holloway said.

“Rain on the weekend and early this week resulted in more than 30mm being fed into the Wilsons Creek catchment which is not enough to make a significant difference but there are predictions for more wet weather,” he said.

“It would be absolutely terrific if there are some good falls but we all know the weather is not predictable and the long term outlook for rain is not good so saving water in the home and in businesses is vitally important.

Mr Holloway said the council’s water meter network is not designed to be read every week, and with half the town now connected to the Rous County Council supply, it is difficult to get an accurate gauge on weekly water use in Mullumbimby.

“What we can see though is a noticeable reduction in water use which means Mullumbimby residents are doing their bit and we’re very grateful,” Mr Holloway said.

“At Council’s Administration office in Mullumbimby we have reminders in our kitchens and bathrooms about the need to save water – use the half flush, turn off the taps and we’re checking to make sure that there are no leaks.

“Some of our staff live in Mullumbimby, others are on tank water, and like our residents, our people are very environmentally-conscious,” he said.

Residents are encouraged to read their own water meters every week to see how much water they are using and hopefully how much they are saving.

Details on how to read a home water meter are on Council’s website.

Mobile businesses such as car detailers, window washers and pressure cleaners are reminded that, unless they carry their own water supply, they cannot connect to home water supplies in Mullumbimby under level 4 restrictions.

“Some people who operate outside Mullumbimby are sometimes not aware of local water restrictions and Council advises these businesses to check the council websites and the Rous County Council websites for information,” Mr Holloway said.

Meanwhile, from January 20 the remainder of the Byron Shire, serviced by the Rous County Council will be on level 2 restrictions.

Rous County Council announced earlier this week that because of low rainfall and high demand over the holiday period, it is necessary to bring in the level 2 restrictions.

Byron Shire Council will also be turning off beach showers and taps in late January.

For more information about water restrictions in Mullumbimby and in the Byron Shire go to or

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