Mucking up for charity

A LITTLE bit of mischief, combined with a little bit of heart, can go a long way at Mullumbimby High School.

School leavers, just weeks out from their HSC exams, took to the streets of their home town on Wednesday dressed to impress - and raise money for charity.

Mullumbimby locals driving through the town centre intersections were greeted by Superman, Legolas from The Lord of the Rings, princesses, and even characters from the cult television comedy hit, The Mighty Boosh.

And their eye-catching outfits did the job - they managed to raise almost $4000 as part of their 'muck up day' festivities for the Byron Bay Breast Cancer Support Group and the World Society for the Protection of Animals' Borneo Orang-utan Survival Foundation.

“We had a variety of strange characters,” school captain Vanessa Hill said. “And pretty much every car that we stopped gave money.”

Mullumbimby High principal Ian Graham was proud of their efforts.

“It was a very, very good effort,” Mr Graham said.

“It's been a tradition here now for a number of years and the whole idea is that Year 12 finds a very positive and creative way to celebrate the end of school by going out there and collecting money from the community for charities.

“They do it in mufti and it's done in the spirit of fun.”

School vice-captain Sam Wightman said the Year 12 pupils were grateful for the support from the community.

“We'd really like to thank them,” he said.

Sam, 18, said they chose a local cancer charity - to which three-quarters of the money raised will go - because it badly needed funding.

“We were told it's a very difficult time for funding,” he said.

Vanessa, also 18, said cancer touched many local families.

“Most people know someone who's had cancer and it (the charity) aims to support the families as well.”

Mr Graham said the school community had also been affected by cancer. “The school is not untouched by students who are victims of cancer, and families of course,” he said.

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