TOURING: Hawaiian musician Mike Love will perform in Mullumbimby this weekend.
TOURING: Hawaiian musician Mike Love will perform in Mullumbimby this weekend.

Mr Love brings music and spirituality to the Bay

HAWAIIAN musician Mike Love will return to the shores of Australia with his The Beginning Of Days 2017 Tour, supported by our very own award-winning Bobby Alu.

After a highly successful inaugural tour to Australia in March 2016, performing to packed audiences at the Byron Bay Bluesfest and then as support on side shows for Nahko and Medicine for the People, the renowned revolutionary reggae artist returns down under with his percussionist Sam Ites, for three shows only.

Mike brings a multitude of influences to the table, all tied together by the common goal of making the world a better place.

Mike said he can't wait to come back to the Northern Rivers after his tour here last year.

"We loved it, it was so much fun - probably my favourite tour," he said.

"People there are so nice, so easy going and laid back.

He revealed they'll be driving between the three gigs in order to "see a bit more of the country".

Mike draws on many musical genres, including reggae, folk, blues, flamenco, jazz and R&B, to create a style uniquely his own.

His live show uses a fair share of technology, including live looping, effects pedals and a hybrid acoustic/electric drum kit but remains organic and real.

"I think the main focus of our show (is that) it's a spiritual experience - we're interested in uplifting people through music, making them feel something.

"We love what we do, and we feel so lucky to do it.

He said he was looking forward to sharing the stage with musician Bobby Alu for these shows.

"Bobby is such a sweet guy and so kind and such a good friend. His music is so amazing too. It's like 'How do you get to be so talented?'"

"I'm really looking forward to seeing him again - every time they've come to Hawaii I've been out of town!"

Mike was born and raised in Oahu, Hawaii to a musical family that spans generations, shaping the music he creates today.

"I still listen to all the music that my dad really raised me on - really amazing music that's full of storytelling and harmony.

"My parents gave me a lot of musical opportunities rather than just raising me with music around all the time - And I'm so thankful for it.

With a heavy foundation in reggae music, Mike has been led to the "really spiritual side" of music, he said.

"I think life just brings you on a journey and you reach a certain point in your life.

"It's not that it's not enough - but you're looking for more. You want to know if there's something more out there.

"It's about connecting with something bigger than yourself.

In the same way that music led him to meditation and a deeper spirituality, Mike said he hopes his shows and music help bring other people on a spiritual journey too.

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