A surfer runs through the rain at Main Beach, Byron Bay.
A surfer runs through the rain at Main Beach, Byron Bay. Jay Cronan

Mouldy old weather

MUSICIAN Terence Trent D'Arby said it best in his 1988 hit Rain.

"Rain, rain, go away, go away; rain, rain, come back again another day," he sang.

Only we on the North Coast don't want it to "come back again another day", we've had plenty and want the rain to stay away for good.

That is, at least until after we've fought the good fight and won against the mould invading many of our homes.

But that's not the good news coming from the Bureau of Meteorology.

According to climatologist Acacia Pepler we've fared better than our neighbours to the west and our friends in the south, but there is more rain on its way.

We also have a cooler than average autumn expected, just to give us something more to look forward to.

"It has been pretty wet for NSW as a whole during summer and that is mostly because we have been in a weak La Nina event," Ms Pepler said.

"The La Nina has now started to break down, however, we do still have very warm sea surface temperatures across Australia, particularly in the Indian Ocean, and so that is why we are expecting above average rainfall for the next few months."

Ms Pepler said 2010 saw some of the warmest sea water temperatures on record and 2011 was also well above average.

That means more moisture is available to rain events, she said.

Jeanette Foy-Wilson of Kyogle expressed what many are feeling about the weather.

"I am totally over it," she said. "We have had no summer, we have just had rain after rain after rain.

"It doesn't matter what you do, the mould gets into places you wouldn't even imagine.

"It gets into my boots and a leather jacket I refuse to get rid of because I've had it since I lived in Melbourne, it is a beautiful jacket."

Ms Foy-Wilson keeps a fire burning to try to dry her house.

Others suggest vinegar to clean and kill mould then clove or lavender oil to slow regrowth.


  • Ventilate, ventilate, ventilate.
  • Improve sub-floor ventilation.
  • Remove wood chips and mulch from perimeter of house - it harbours mould spors.
  • Invest in a good de-humidifier and run it during off peak times.
  • Use clove oil or lavender oil in a vinegar mix when cleaning off mould to inhibit regrowth.
  • Dust and vacuum regularly.
  • Vent your clothes dryer to outside.
  • Run the bathroom exhaust fan for at least 5 minutes after you shower.
  • Open all curtains to increase the light to rooms.
  • Use water absorption crystals in cupboards.
  • Use mould inhibitors in paint.

20-50mm of rain possible by the end of this week

20-50mm of rain possible by the end of this week

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