Better, cheaper green slip prices are on their way for motorists.
Better, cheaper green slip prices are on their way for motorists. Chris Ison ROK021116cdrive1

Save $170 a year with cheaper green slips

MOTORISTS are set to save with prices for the new, lower cost CTP Green Slip scheme being launched, along with a new price comparison website to help drivers find the best deal.

Drivers in New South Wales will save up to $172 a year from December 1.

In the new scheme, there will be a new safety net allowing all injured road users to access benefits for loss of income and medical expenses for up to six months, with lump sum compensation retained for those with long-term injuries.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian said the majority of motorists can expect to see a significant reduction on their next bill.

"Without the Government's reforms, average premiums would have been $654 in 2018," Ms Berejiklian said.

"It's still important to shop around for the best price, and the best way to do that is by using the Green Slip Price Check website."

The average Green Slip price would be $414 for country motorists.

The average premium for country taxi owners will decrease from $5,203 to $2,923.

Ms Berejiklian said refunds are available for eligible motorists who renewed their Green Slip this year.

"They will be delivered through Service NSW, with further announcements about the process expected shortly," she said.

The closer to December 1 this year a vehicle owner pays their premium, the larger the refund - with country motorists set to save an average of $30.

The Green Slip Price Check is available at

A table with details on the savings is available at

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