Motorist queue up along Bangalow Road coming into Lismore as roadworks cause delays.
Motorist queue up along Bangalow Road coming into Lismore as roadworks cause delays. JERAD WILLIAMS

Motorists faced with long wait

SOME of the region’s roads are still waiting for major repairs and reconstruction – more than a year after serious damage during the May 2009 floods.

In one case, residents are now forced to traverse a temporary narrow gravel track next to a section of Jiggi Road which has sunk about a metre and a half.

The Lismore City Council’s executive director of sustainable development, Garry Hemsworth, yesterday said five remaining roads that ‘slipped’ under storm water would not be fixed until next financial year.

“We have been working through proposals and done some geotechnical investigations and have put the proposals to the RTA. We are now at the stage of waiting for their approval,” he said.

Under the State and Federal governments’ flood relief funding, the RTA administers check all major repair proposals.

Since last year’s floods and storms, the RTA has approved work worth $7.8 million, with the total estimated to exceed $10 million once the repair of the five road slips is approved.

“The RTA hasn’t held us up,” Mr Hemsworth said.

“There is quite a lot of damage and we only have a certain amount of resources available and we have to do our normal council activities as well.”

Mr Hemsworth said part of the reason for the time taken to fix the Jiggi slip was because repairs to all the slips had to be submitted to the RTA as a package.

He said once approval was received, the council would have to employ contractors to carry out the repair work as it did not have the resources necessary to do it in-house.

Meanwhile, work on Bangalow Road, between Donnans Road and the Lismore citylimits, is proceeding, as many motorists being are caught in long delays can testify.

An RTA spokesman yesterday confirmed the work had not been affected by recent rain and was on track to be completed within the next two weeks.

He apologised to motorists caught in delays, but said there was no way to fix thebusy road without closing one lane at a time.

The Lismore City Council, which is doing the work onbehalf of the RTA, said it was mindful of the road’s high traffic volume and planned the work between 7am and 4pm Monday to Saturday to minimise disruptions as much as possible.

The reconstruction workinvolves a granular overlay of the road followed by bitumen and asphalt surfacing.

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