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Mother hears tragic details of Sara Zelenak's death

THE mother of Sara Zelenak has heard heartbreaking details of how her daughter died after being stabbed in the neck by a terrorist at London Bridge.

Julie and Mark Wallace were present at Southwark Crown Court on Tuesday to hear the beginnings of an inquest into the deaths of five of the London Bridge terror attack victims.

The court heard how the young Brisbane nanny, 21, was stabbed in the neck and identified by her Australian dental records.

Another Australian woman Kirsty Louise Boden, 28, who worked as a nurse was stabbed after reportedly running towards the injured to help.

Entrepreneur James McMullan, 32, died of a haemorrhage and a chest wound after being attacked close to the Post Office in Borough High Street.

Sebastian Belanger, 36, from Anges in France, was also stabbed in the chest, while Igancio Echeverria died on London Bridge as well.

Coroner Andrew Harris briefly outlined the cause of death for each of those involved but said he would suspend the inquest until the police investigation is completed.

"I've considered how my investigation should proceed alongside the police investigation and concluded in light of the extensive police investigation, that I'm going to suspend my investigation into all these deaths to give primacy to the police to conduct theirs", he said.

"All of our thoughts and condolences are with you at this terrible time, one of the most horrible things is for parents to be in court hearing the details of a death, particularly a violent one, of their children."

Sara Zelenak's mother Julie Wallace sat at the front of the hearing as details of her daughter's death were read out.

It comes after Queenslander Candice Hedge told Sunday Night it was "amazing" she survived the attack in which a knife went within millimetres of her vocal chord.

She said she began vomiting blood and thinking "I don't want to die" while looking for her boyfriend after being stabbed.

"I'm not going to be deterred, I have more to do here," she said when asked whether she would stay in London.

"People are cowards ... I'm not going to let them change my life - well they have but I'm going to turn it to my advantage if I can."

A hearing will take place on Wednesday into the deaths of Canadian Christine Archibald, 30, and Frenchmen Xavier Thomas, 45, and Alexandre Pigeard.

The attackers, Khuram Butt, 27, Rachid Redouane, 30, and Youssef Zaghba, 22, were all shot dead by armed police within eight minutes of the emergency call being made.

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